Downloading sounds from the JS-8

April 10, 2015

Boss makes a really cool Audio player with guitar effects, the JS-8. It turns out that some of the cool sounds that is has can be downloaded directly via a little hacking. ​ The JS8 audio player ​ You’ll need to create a fake JS-8 device. To do this you basically download the backup data and then format a thumbdrive so that it looks like a JS-8 device.

  1. First download eBand JS-8 factory installed data in the included SD Card.

  2. Insert a thumbdrive, format it and name it “JS-8”.

  3. Unzip the “eBand JS-8 factory installed data in the included SD Card” and drag the “ROLAND” folder onto the newly formatted thumbdrive.

  4. Download the eBand Song List Editor Ver.1.01 for Windows

  5. Unzip, then install “eBand Song List Editor”

  6. Open “eBand Song List Editor”, it will automatically detect your faked JS-8 device and allow you to export all the songs from it.

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Written on 10 April 2015. Categories: coding.

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